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It's All About Ice

Flexifreeze ice is what makes all Flexifreeze products possible. Each sheet contains 88 "cubes" of 100% pure water. Durable food grade plastic allows the sheets to be flexible, even when frozen.

Staying Cool, and Healthy

Flexifreeze is a full line of personal cooling products including vests, and collars to keep you safe and comfortable in the heat. We also have solutions to keep your medicine, infant milk, or lunch cold for traveling. For serving and entertaining; party mats keep food fresh at buffets and parties.

Flexible, Re-Freezable Ice

FlexiFreeze Ice is also available in bulk sheets, strips, or cubes. Use a sheet to add cooling to your lunch box, fill your cooler, or ship cold items. The possibilities are endless.

Keeping Dogs Cool

Our mission is simple. We want to help keep your dog cooler and safer in the heat.

Cooling Shade and Hydration

Our products cover the 3 main ways you can keep your dog cool. Physical cooling, shade (especially important for dogs with dark coats), and hydration.

Vet Approved

We worked in conjunction with veterinarians to help best understand the unique needs of dogs. All of our products are backed by science to help cool dogs based on their physiology.

Portable Shade from the Sun

Wondershade is the portable sun umbrella that keeps you cool and shaded wherever you are. The umbrella telescopes from 3' to 8' and tilts to keep you always in the shade. Sets up and packs away in the carry bag in seconds.

Heavy on Features; Lightweight

Every Wondershade is packed with features including a sturdy tripod base, sand screw for beach use, cupholders, and S-hooks. Available in vibrant colors.

Serious Sun Protection

Wondershade is made of a special lighweight fabric that blocks 98% of harmful UV rays. This is equal to an SPF50+ rating to help keep your skin safe from the sun's damaging effects.

Personal Cooling Put to Work

The FlexiFreeze Professional Ice Vest is the cornerstone of our cooling products. Durable and effective, it helps you keep yourself or your employees safe in the heat.

Designed with Safety in Mind

Flexifreeze Professional cooling products are backed by science and designed to be the most effective personal cooling solution on the market. Using 96 cubes of pure water ice, heat is removed from the body, lowering body core temperatures. Available Hi-Vis keeps employees safe and seen.

Contact Us To Learn About Personal Cooling Safety

We have designed and implemented successful personal cooling safety programs for companies large and small. Multiple shifts? Multiple Locations? On-Site or Off? We deliver tailored solutions to keep everyone safe in the heat.